Hira Dai

Hira Dai 1.0 is in red/brown color bination theme and suitable for those business who want to increase their sales 30% in the keywords of food, drinks and restaurant Here, we have made design wide range and fit in all devices, such as large computer, laptop, tablets and smart phone.In front page we have integrated image slider and small 3 banner after banner.Themes comes with 3 different color theme green,onion and blue This front slider and big couple of banners makes your customer more attraction on your banner and can convert into sales.

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Manually translate in prestashop 1.6

Click on Localization > Translation

On Modify Translations Segment.

1. Choose Type of Translation = Installed modules translation
2. Select your them
3. Select your desire language

and click on modify icon on right side.
Now you will find module’s wise translation. In left side you will get english langage. An in right hand side you will have to translate manually.

Importing Language Pack in Prestashop 1.6

Importing language package is one of the easiest way to have different language in your online store.

Make sure that you are in backoffice of your online store.

Click on Localization>Translation


Reach on “IMPORT A LANGUAGE PACK MANUALLY” form segment.


Now upload your design lanuage pack. Mostly language pack will be in .gzip. Choose the theme on which you are going to apply desire langauge pack

Click on Import button to finalize.


How to edit Image Slider in Prestashop.

If you are new on prestshop then you came in right place. Here, we are going to give tutor how to edit image slider in Presashop.

Prestashop Team have developed “Image Slider” module where you can change image and text . You can add and remove on your own from it’s configuration. Please follow below instruction to edit “Image Slider” module.

1.  Make sure you are in backoffice of your online store.
2.  Click on Modules and Services >Modules and Services

3.   Please type “image slider” on search box on left side.


Now you will see module on left side. “Image slider for your homepage”

4. Click on configure button to configure.

Here, you can edit image and text on each slider.



Active Popup Box after add to cart button clicked on Metrofashion 1.0

1. Download this file  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54140575/blockcart.tpl and updated blockcart.tpl file into your  website www.mywebsite.com/themes/metrofashion1.0/modules/blockcart/

2. Now you need to transplant block cart module into top hook. Please follow below instruction.

a. Click on Modules > Positions


b. Click on Transplant a module


c. Now Select “Cart Block” for Module and “displayTop(Top of pages) for Hook into”33At last click on “Save” button

Note :
Please take necessary backup your files and database before you update any files and make sure if you have cleared your cache .