Subscriber Manager Prestashop Module


If you are thinking that you want to manage your product subscriber or memembership . Then, you reach on right place. Here, we have developed Subscriber Manager Prestashop Module.

  • Create Multiple Subscription Title
  • Easy to manage Subscription
  • Send Email for Subscrtiber for subscription start, expire and warning
  • One click button to send “Subscription Expire Warning” Email to subscriber
  • One click upgrade and re new subscription button for subscriber.
  • Ajax Based Backend
  • Compatible in Prestashop

Demo :

Backend access

password :demoadmin

Documentation of Subscriber Prestashop Module



  • Module Installation
  • Create and Delete Subscription Title
  • Assign Digital Product to Subscription Title
  • Start and Expire Subscription
  • Sending Warning Expire Notice email to subscriber


  • Add Product into Cart
  • Subscriber Module


1. Installation Subscriber Module

a) Once you downloaded zip of subscriber. You need to log in presashop backoffice and click on Module link Button .
b) Now in new window you will find Add a new module button in right side top corner. Here you are required to browser zip file of subscriber module

c) Once you add module you need to install that module. You need to put “subscriber” keyword in search box for quick view.

Now you need to click on subscriber module.

You are required to install module.

2. Create and Delete Subscription Title

You need to click on configure link once you install subscriber module. In new window you will get “Add Subscription” bar. In this section you can add subscription

For example , I have created 1 Month Subscription and assign time and save it. Once you save it you will get “Subscription Category List ” which you are just added before.

Here, we have added some more subscription title . Here,you can remove it by clicking on recycle bin

3. Assign Digital Product to Subscription Title

In this step you have learn how to install subscription module and manage subscription title. Now you will learn how to assign subscription title into your digital product. You are required to make you product for digital/downlodable product to assign “Susscription Title”

a) Once you login backoffice you need to click on Catalog > Products and choose one of the product to make it virtual product.

Here, we have assign one of the product into virtual product. For virtual Product you are required to remove all combination data if you have combination product. We have change product name into “1 Year Subscription” but it is not mandatory it is optional. Now save it.

In left side corner you will see “Subscriber ” Tab. Click on “Subscriber” Tab

Now you are required to assign time duration and save it.

4. Start and Expire Subscription

You need to accept payment orders to manage subscriber’s subscription otherwise you will not see subscriber list in subscriber module. To accept each order you need to click on Order>Orders . Here you need to click on of the available order and accept payment

Now open our subscriber module. In “Subscriber List” section you will see customer information which you have just accept payment before. Click on customer’s order and you will get “Start Subscription” button to start subscription . Subscriber will get email notification of each “starting subscription” and “expire susbscription”.

Once you click on “Start Subcription” but it will appear “Expire Subscription”. If you want to expire subscription you are required to click on it.

5. Sending Warning Expire Notice email to subscriber

If you want to send warning notice email to subsriber whose subscription is going to end from last 5 days then you are required to click on “Send Warning Expire Notice to subscriber” button. It will automatically send warning email to subscriber each subscriber for only one time only.


1. Add Subscription product in cart.

Here, user can add subscription product only one in a cart

2. Process for payment

Check out your cart and user are required to do payment for their subscription product. User will get necessary email about their order.

3. Login

User are required to their order status if administration have accepted payment or not.
Click on order history to get detail of your order. If order accepted you can click on “My Subscription” link to see your subscription information. Here you will get information of subscription expire date. If you want to add subscription you can directly add from this page also.