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Language translation for image slider of prestashop 1.6

First of all make sure that you have installed language pack from . If you unknow how to add language pack in prestashop . Please follow this blog


This image slider is developed by prestashop team.
To translate each slider image you need to choose desire image and click on edit button


Select language option to change according to you language. and save it. You can change picture,description and link  according to your.


Language translation in prestashop 1.6

Normally prestashop accept different language . You need to download desire language pack from prestashop Language Pack installation guide is given below.

First you need to be in back office your store.
Click on localization > Translation

In ” Add / Update a language ” field section you need to upload your downloaded language pack


If you have installed language module and mention your your template it must show in front office. So that you can change language.

Although you have installed language pack it will not be 100% translated in your desire language. It will install only core part of prestashop entire. And it is far better done by prestashop team and launage contributors.

There are still two section you need to translate on your own.

1. Module
2. Content

1. Module
Here, module stands for those design part which are fixed on template. Such as search box, block cart, slider, cms, contact info etc. If you feel it is not translated in your desire language . Please follow below instruction.

Click on localization > Translation


In “Modify translations ” fieldset section. You will see three option “Type of translation
, Select your theme, Select your language”. Here you need to choose “Front-office-translation“.
Select you current active theme from “Select your theme” option
At last select your desire language on which you are going to manually translate and then click on modify button on right side.

Now you will see numbers of modules to be translate in your desire language.


Once you complete manually translate. Again  repeat action with selecting  “Installed module translation” from “Type of translation” as you select “Front-office-translation” just before. Again translated manually for “Installed module translation”.

2. Content
Here content stands for content part which is dynamic and you can change on your own . Such as menu, product description, category name, product name. On every content part you will see and option to select language . So, that you can translate on your own manually.

Here, we have show category and product description page can be editable in different once you change language on side on each  text box.  Once you translated language on category name it will effect on your main menu.

CATNAME product-detail

Language option for Alone Jewelry 1.3

normally translation need to do manually one by one but you can download language pack from prestashop translation page . Through prestashop back office you can install language translation pack. Once you install language pack there will be 70% translate will complete and rest need to do yourself through prestashop back office. Last time we have done translate through google online tool but somebody says that google online tool is also not better to translate. In next version we will make translation for english, spanish and french language.

Upgrading Alone Jewelry 1.2 into 1.3

hi, customer, We are sorry that it is not suitable for prestashop due to some functional bug. So, we are upgrading this theme . It takes not more than 7 days. We will come with extra new features with same look and feel. Please be in touch in

Bag Store Prestashop Themes – bagstore 1.0

Bag Store Prestashop Themes

It is in pink and blue color theme and suitable for those business who want to increase their sales 30% ,
keywords related with ladies bag shop. Here, we have made design wide range and fit in all devices,
such as large computer, laptop,tablets and smart phone.


Front Slide Show
We have integrated devil slider in the front page . Here you can change images as your required.

Responsive Prestashop Themes
This is responsive themes . So it looks and user friendly in mobile, tables, notebook and PC

Prestashop Compatible
Prestashop Compatible on –

Browser Compatible
It is compatible in all major browser Mozilla Fire Fox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Demonstration :
Detail :

Electonics, Mobile, computer and gadgets prestashop themes – MuseTec1.0

MuseTec 1.0 is responsible prestashop themes in blue color  . It is  specially suitable for gadget, computer parts, mobile store and all electronics parts and it does not takes more than 5 minutes to install.

Here, we have integrated so many front slider banner to promote your products.


Front Slide Show
We have integrated devil slider in the front page . Here you can change images as your required.

Responsive Prestashop Themes
This is responsive themes . So it looks and user friendly in mobile, tables, notebook and PC

Multiple Language
Here, we have made 3 language compatible English, Spanish, French. You can do translate yourself through prestashop back office.

Prestashop Compatible
Prestashop Compatible on It may compatible in latest version too.

Browser Compatible
It is compatible in all major browser FF,Opera,Safari,Chrome,IE

Front Multiple Banners
In front page we have integrated 3 banners for commercial use.

Demo :
Detail :

[Free Download] Snow Fall Effect Prestashop Modules


It’s prestashop modue. Here, you will have snow effect in your front office. You will have configuration on it’s module.

Installation :
Extract zip file and upload in modules folder and install it

You can configure it’s color, amount of snow ball and twinkle effect


Git Hub

Special thanks : for