What are the benefits from “Membership Plan” have over “Theme Package”?

DEVILTHEMES Membership plan gives you access to all our themes, plus the one’s released over the course of your membership subscription. You are able to download all theme until your subscription end. Future theme updates are only available as long as you stay subscribed to the club.

What is the difference between “Buyer License ” “Membership License” and “Unique License” packages?

Buyer License- you only able to use this theme once for yourself or client in single domain only.
Membership License allow to change our themes in your single domain.
Unique License allow you to distribute and change on any time plus we remove from our server and stop to distribute.

Do I need to pay annual charge on themes on any license ?

No, we do not charge annually for themes on any license but you will not get any notification of any update of any themes until you renew license. Still you can use our themes in your website lifetime.

Which payment types do you accept?

We accept american express, skril (money broker), visa, master card and even bank wire.

I have purchase membership license but still I did not get any mail to access devil themes. When do I get email ?

May be your payment is on the process . Once we got notice that you have made payment for membership license we will send necessary document. Please send email on contact@devilthemes.com directly, we will take necessary action.

Do I need to wait for themes if I purchase buyer license ?

No, once you paid you will get automatically email with our theme. If you get any problem please contact us immediately, we will take care of you.

Can I modify themes on buyer license ?

Yes, you can change modify image and css only . Modify on themes does not make sense that user can modify .tpl and .php files.

Can I remove your website links in every license ?

Yes, absolutely you can.

Can I distribute or sell themes from buyer license ?

No, you can not sell and distribute our themes for any one else. That would be violence our terms and condition.

Why I am getting product which you have shown in demo site ?

First of all the read installation guide before you install our themes. If you extract installation zip file you will get doc folder, where you can get installation guide.

Themes does not comes with all datas and image. It is just the design and layout only. You need to customize from back office to have design like demonstration. If you feel difficult to install then we will install with demo database and product in your server . It is free of cost

Please make sure that you have not installed another third party themes. Third party themes’s configuration may cause design error to our themes.