How to reset module in Prestashop

Here, we are giving tiny tutor to reset module from backoffice of Prestashop. Normally most of the functionality depends on modules. Here reset module stands for uninstall module and again install module automatically. If you made change code on php file, you need to reset module to get actual output in front office and back office.

1. First of all login your backoffice with your username and password. If you forget password you can reset password and you will get new password in your email which you have mention while you have install prestashop system.

2. After login you need to hover on Module Tab and click on module link.
Prestashop module

3. Now you will get list of modules . There are so many module and managed in category. You can see in left side of their category. Or you can search module in search box.

4. Here we are going to reset one module . Let’s say that module name “Quick Search”. Now you need to type “search” in search box. Once you type 3 to 4 characters in search box. We you get popup module list . There you can click on it.

5. Now you will reach in search module configuration. There you will have several link. Now you need to click on reset link.