Jquery HTML5 placeholder

Most all of the web developer are well known about html5 and it is being more popular in the development environment. Now HTML5 more systematic and more accessibility then before.

Html5 have many elements among them we want to introduce about placeholder. Currently placeholder is compatible in most of the browser except IE browser. IE browser is unknown about placeholder functionality and need to do some JavaScript magic. Normally behaviour of place holder is to show text in input element and while you start to type on element it disappear .

We have found one fantastic query plugins for html5 placeholder. This plugins is developed by Brian pandey . In this git hub account he have put jquery place holder plugins https://github.com/developeryamhi

Here you can download html5 placeholder. It is very simple to implement in HTML. First of all you need to load JavaScript files of jquery framework and his plugins.

<input type=”text” placeholder=”Enter your email” value=”” / >


Above is for only text box but you can do for password and text area too.