Prestashop Webstore Optimization

If you are lover of prestashop then you are lucky that you have several option to accelerate your website. Prestashop back office have many option to make more fast to load. Here we are give some basic tutor to make fast loading of your website.

Prestashop Webstore Optimation

HTML Structure
Unusual html,javascript and comment codes are one of the cause to have your site load heavy. So you need to check your all tpl files to remove unused html and javascript codes.

CSS Minify
This is better option to load you css fast . You can have you r css minify through adobe dreamweaver or online website. Basically I use this website to minify my all css. It is quick and easy to minify.

Optimize Image
Image Optimization is one of the main part to accelerate your website. For technical suggestion please use jpg file with 60% quality for colorful picture such as scenery, photos and use png file format for artwork for example plan color artwork such as logo. It will optimize heavy in your website. Image Sprite is one of the great technique to optimize your image.

Image Sprite will load less time to download. An image sprite is a collection of images put into a single image.A web page with many images can take a long time to load and generates multiple server requests.Using image sprites will reduce the number of server requests and save bandwidth. Read more about image sprite(

Perfomance Setting in Prestashop Back Office
Prestashop have an option of setting perfomance. Click on Preference > Performance.. For highly optimize your website you have not have following option


Force compile: No
Cache: Yes

2.CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache)
Smart cache for CSS : Use CCC for CSS
Smart cache for JavaScript :Use CCC for JavaScript.
Minify HTML : Minify HTML after “smarty compile” execution.
Compress inline JavaScript in HTML : Compress inline JavaScript in HTML after “smarty compile” execution
High risk HTML compression : HTML is compressed but cancels the W3C validation (only when “Minify HTML” is enabled)

3.CloudCache : Hope you need to pay for taking server for cloud service. It is also another step to speed up your website

Algorithm : Use Rijndael with mcrypt lib.
(You need to on extension “mcrypt” to active this option. Hope you need to concern with server administrator if you do not have.)

Use cache: Yes
Caching system: Memcached/ file System

Hope, you will feel 40% more fast .