Touch me not 1.0 (Prestashop Themes) release

TOUCH ME NOT themes is in cool blue color with tab buttons in home page. This theme is most suitable for those seller who want to increase their sales for electronics, mobiles, computer and gadget . This is single columns website except in product list and product detail page.

Demonstration Website :

This theme is design in such a way that user can easily navigate their desire items from home page . Here we have included responsive front banner with commercial advertisement in top most part. Presentation of
manufacture’s logos helps to browse products in manufacture wise. For marketing purpose also this theme is more better because we have integrated major social link facebook, twitter, google plus etc and social like buttons. So that you can socialize your each and every product easily and quickly.


1. Multiple Language
This themes is compatible in 6 different language – Br, Fr, It, De, Es, En respectively . All the language was translated through google online language translation tool.

2. Responsive Template
It is compatible in multiple device in PC, Notebook and tablet such as iPad and Android Tablet and mobile devices.

3. Front Banner
We have integrated Jquery Zoom Slider to promote your highlighted product and it is fully customizable. Here, we have utilize default prestashop’s image slider module . It’s easy to configuration through back office of prestashop with “Jquery Zoom Slider”

4. Social Links
Major social site’s link are also integrated . Such as Google plus, youtube, twitter, facebook and rss and it is customizable through “Devil Social Link” module

5. Social Bookmark and Share
We have integrated social bookmark module (Prestaloveaddthis) in product page where you can publish all the social bookmark site with single module. This module plays vital role to increase sales and publicity of your product quickly and easily. This module have several option to customize your social links and like button on product detail page.

6. Prestashop Compatible
This theme is compatible from Prestashop – Most probably it will compatible on all prestashop 1.5 version series

7. Quick Cart
We have integrated quick cart view once you hover link of cart in header portion.

8. Extra Modules
devilnewproduct, zoomslider, safeimage, topads, manufacturerlogos, moneybackimage, devilsocial, shippingimage, prestaloveaddthis

Installation Guide

1. Theme installation
Make sure that you are in back office of prestashop and had disabled performance setting. First of all install Template Installer module and click on configure link. In “import form your computer” you need to select your installation zip file and click next . Go step by step with default configuration of prestashop until you
reach in final step.

2. Image Dimensional Configuration
Click on Preferences > images

Make image dimensional configuration as follows
a) small_default=45×45
b) medium_default=80×80
c) large_default =300×300
d) thickbox_default=600×600
e) category_default=500×150
f) home_default=124×124
g) scene_default=520×189
h) m_scene_default=161×58

Do not forget to regenerate all thumbnails

Extra Modules Configuration

devilnewproduct (Devil New products block in homepage)
This “Devil New products block in homepage” module is located in “Front Office Features” module category. Here you can set numbers of products displayed and set yes or no for showing block even if no products are available. This module will display in home page only and had hooked in “displayhook” hook.

Zoomslider (JQuery Zoom Slider)
JQuery Zoom Slider is located in “Other Modules” module category. Here you can upload multiple image and with link option. This module will display in home page only

Safeimage, moneybackimage & shippingimage
This three modules are from “Advertising & Marketing” Module Category . Here you can upload single image with 289×88 (recommended image dimensional). These are shown in footer section on every pages. You can
have this module in footer hook from prestashop back office.

Topads (Top Advertisement)
This module is from “Advertising & Marketing” Module Category . Here you can upload single image with 940×53 (recommended image dimensional).

Manufacturerlogos (Manufacturers Logo)
This module is located in “Front Office Features”” . Here you can set how much logos to be display. This module display logos of manufacturer which you have set in prestashop backoffice. This module will display in home page only and had hooked in “displayhome”

Devilsocial (Devil Social Link)
This module is located in “Front Office Features” . Here you can set links for major social bookmark website facebook, twitter, google plus, Youtube, RSS. These are shown in footer section on every pages. You can have this module in footer hook from prestashop back office prestaloveaddthis (PrestaLove AddThis). This module is situated in “Front Office Features ” module category . Here you can several option to display the way of social bookmark website’s link and it’s like button. This module will be shown in every detail product page.

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